About Us

LongLady Fashion Company – Fashion for tall women

If you are a tall women it can be frustrating to find clothes which will fit your body. The owner of LongLady Fashion Company is also a tall women and she made it her mission to create a Fashionlabel for those women. The clothes of LongLady are well proportioned. We don't just add some inches at the sleeves or the bottom. For example we also put the waist of blouses and jacket at the right height.That means that every piece of our collection is perfectly tailored to the body of tall women.

Basics & fashion items

The collection of LongLady Fashion Company offers a complete selection of blazers, trousers, blouses, shirts, tunics, dresses, leggings, jacket and coats. Beautiful basics are combined with trendy items. LongLady Fashion Company offers you jeans in length 36" and 38". 
Shopping is very easy. The website is very user friendly. Besides that there is plenty information about the product itself like measurements.
Have fun shopping with us!