LongLady offers a lot of Jeans in all sizes in length 36 and 38". Because the range is so wide, you might find it difficult to find the right Jeans. That is why we made for you the table below. You can choose which fit you want and how you want to have your waist: low-, normal- or high-rise. Wenn you have made your choice then you can click on the desired Jeans and you go straight to the product . You can choose which wash you like. To give you even more information you will see at your chosen Jeans a size table. This size table contains per inch size what the dimensions are. Waist width, rise or bottom measurement.




  Skinny Semi Skinny Straight Slim Bootcut Bootcut Flared Loose
Waist height              
Extra low waist Mavi Lindy            
Low waist Mavi Serena LTB Paulina  LTB Jonquil   Mustang Tyra LTB Christia   
  Mavi Alexandra            
  Mavi Scarlet            
   LTB Molly            
   LTB Jayne            
   Cross Melissa            
Normale waist Mavi Nicole Mavi Sophie LTB Zena Mavi Mona LTB Valerie Mac Dream Flared  Mavi Leona
  Mavi Adriana Mustang Jasmin   LTB Aspen  Paddocks Kelly   Silver Suki Mavi Nina
 Rene Smit Anna 
   Mavi Nikky Mavi Elicia Mustang Girl's    Paddocks Lexy Mavi Bella  
  Mavi Edita
Stark Bona Paddocks Tracy    Rene Smit Lisa  Mac Carrie  
  Mavi Collet            
  Mustang Jasmin jegging Paddocks Cathy  Ascari Kim        
  LTB Freyda Ascari Power  Mustang Emily        
     Rene Smit Kim          
    LTB Rosara          
High waist Mavi Alissa Mustang Sissy slim Cross Rose   Mustang Sissy Mavi Sheena  
   LTB Jeans Molly HW   
Ascari Lena        
   Mac Dream Skinny    Paddocks Kate        
       Mavi Kendra        
      Mac Dream        
      Mac Melanie