LongLady size

Our clothes are made to fit the taller women. We don't just add a few centimeters onto sleeves or length, but all our clothes are tailored in a way that it will fit your taller body.

Use the measurement tabel below to find your size. 
Everything measured in centimeters.




The size of your jeans is depending on the fabric. When the fabric contains more 
elastan you can often order a smaller size unlike fabric that contains no elastan.

Taking your measurements

Brest size
Brest size measured at the fullest part of your chest.

The smallest size between chest and hips.

Hips top
Measured at the height of your hip bone.

Hips below
Measured at the height of bottom buttock.

Measure your upperleg 5 centimeters below cross all around.

Dress length
Measure from your neck.

Length back
Lenght of the back of all our shirts,tunics and blazers are measured from the neck till hem.

Length sleeves
Lenght of the sleeves is measured from shoulder to hem.

Our trousers and jeans are available in different innerleg sizes. This size is measured in innerleg length.


Skirts and dresses

Skirts and dresses are longer do that it will fit the taller women.